Monday, July 16, 2007

We Start Two Weeks of Swim Lessons

The children had the first of their summer swim lessons today. K.'s class is from 11:00 -11:30, and T.'s is 11:30-12:00, so our school day is pretty thoroughly disrupted (we aren't crack of dawn starters, and we have a hard time settling down in the afternoon), but I figure we can catch-as-catch-can with our regular studies for two weeks.
K.'s first class was pretty much just jumping around in the water, I guess to get the kids used to the pool and their teenage teachers. Since about half the class were tearful or clinging to their mothers (or both), the slow and easy start was probably a good idea. K. was jumping around and eager to go, but she is at the older end of the age range for the group.
T.'s group got going with swimming right away and looks to be at just the right level for him. He was only disappointed that the class didn't last longer.

We stopped by the library to drop off some books after swimming (though we never can seem to drop off without picking up a few more). As we were checking out, I noticed a flyer for a Harry Potter Block Party on Friday night (9-midnight). It is in the downtown area, and is sponsored by the (very small) local bookstore and the Friends of the Library, so people are welcome to attend even if they are not buying the latest and last Harry Potter book at the event for full retail price! Since we are eagerly awaiting our pre-ordered book from Amazon, this is an unexpected treat. Advertised activities include making a wand and a golden snitch, strolling down Knockturn Alley (spooky!), Harry Potter readings, and a costume contest. T. already has his costume together (he's still looking for his Zonko's joke wand), and K. (who plans to go as Ginny) is looking for her robe. If she can't find the robe, T. is hoping she will go as a dementor. (She says absolutely No, but he does have a dementor costume that would fit her perfectly!)

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