Sunday, August 19, 2007

Did YOU Hang Your Sponge Bob Wreath?

We didn't go anywhere interesting or do anything exciting this weekend, but it was pleasant, and I got some stuff accomplished.

I cleared most of the stuff out of the back corner of our back room, so we will be able to use it as a school room at last. Hooray! I need at least three more bookcases like the one you can see behind the round table in order to unbox all my books, but that will have to wait for available funding. The bookcase on the other side of the fireplace will be the next up, as not having it makes the room look a bit lopsided. The lighting in our school area is dreadful, but I'm hoping it will be okay during the day (I guess we may have problems in the winter, but maybe by then we'll have put in a better light.).
(The white spot on the floor is where someone, early on in our home improvements, kicked over a can of white paint. Two steps forward and all that.)

There was a baptism at church today, which is always nice. It was kind of funny though, because there were at least twice as many people there today as there usually are -- the baby being baptised has a large and interested family, apparently. We had never seen the parents or any of the relatives at our church before, although I suspect that they must have some relative who attends the church, unless they just picked a church at random. Anyway, they all left immediately after the service, didn't stay for coffee and sandwiches, so we didn't get a chance to welcome them properly and find out if they might consider coming back someday.

T. declared Saturday to be Sponge Bob day. He even decorated.


Dy said...

VERY cool room, Melora! I love it. White paint, and all. :-)

Melora said...

Thank you! It is nice not having our school books piled up all over the kitchen counters, and having to move everything off the table for lunch & snacks! We still did some work in the kitchen and quite a bit on the couch, mostly because changing the scenery helps keep everyone happy.