Thursday, August 16, 2007

"It's the Best Day Ever!" *

We had what was probably our best ever day of school here today. I sure wish I could figure out what is the difference between the days when things just flow smoothly and my short people are cooperative, and the days when nothing gets done and I pound my head on the wall. They went to bed at the usual time, they got up around the usual time, they ate the same old breakfasts they normally eat, but today they were unusually agreeable, and T.'s brain was functioning well. I'd like to say it is all because of my beautiful schedules and having all my papers organized and ready, but I know that's just wishful thinking (have I mentioned how fond I am of my schedules, with their sweet little check boxes? There are even little boxes for noting the number of correct answers, and then the clever program calculates the percent correct, without my having to get out the calculator!). Anyway, we had a great day, and the kids had plenty of time for playing and painting before dinner, which we had early because K. had her first tumbling/ballet classes (back to back) tonight.

K. had a good time at her classes (Ed took her), and some kindly soul gave K. a pair of tumbling shoes (which I guess her daughter didn't need, and I didn't know there were tumbling shoes), and a mom we know sold Ed ballet shoes and tap shoes for K. which didn't fit her daughter for $5.00 a pair. Since we've had a number of large expenses recently, this was truly a wonderful blessing!

*From Sponge Bob, you know.

** T.'s picture shows a man holding his head as he struggles with some dilemma. The red figure is a devil, undoubtedly urging him to do the wrong thing. We are Episcopalians -- I don't know where he gets this stuff. Maybe I should talk to him.

***Gratuitous sleeping cat pictures.


Hornblower said...

I like your son's picture a lot. Kind of reminds me of Munch's Scream.

And I always love to see sleeping kitties. Only a cat would use a box of antiseptic towelettes for a pillow.

Dy said...

That does sound like a great day!

Melora said...

Scream is one of his favorite pictures. Dali is another favorite artist. Odd child.

It Was a great day!