Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When Plan A Doesn't Work, Sometimes B is Just as Good (Maybe Better!)

Today's big plan was to finish school by 11:00, have a quick lunch, and head over to the pool. Last summer, when the dust finally settled after our move and we checked into visiting the pretty pool with the blue slide, we were disappointed to learn that the pool closed after Labor Day, so swimming was over for the year. This Monday, being the organized and prepared type person I am, I peeked ahead at September on the calendar and realized with horror that Labor Day was almost upon us. We had planned on at least a few more trips to the pool this summer, but if there was time for only one, we would take what we could get. So after lunch today we suited up and drove into town. There were no cars at the pool. And there was a "closed" sign on the door. We drove next door to the Recreation Center, where someone explained to Ed about water restrictions (?) and no life guards. Chatting with various people around town afterwards on our several errands, we learned the real story, which is that Labor Day is just a ball park closing date, and the real cut-off is when school starts and all the teenage life guards are back in school. Bit of a disappointment for the kids, but at least now we know the deal.

Not being people to waste all the effort of climbing into our bathing suits, we then drove over to Stone Mountain (joking only half seriously about the possibility of their having closed for the season as well). They were still open, and we didn't have to share our water slide with any other people. Not that we were the only ones there, though.

After messing around sliding, building dams, and poking through the brush for a while, we decided to go in search of the larger falls, a little further down the road, that people have been telling us about. It didn't take us long to find Widow Falls, and I think we have a new favorite rock slide! The new slide is longer and bumpier, but I think it will work beautifully with an inner tube, should we ever manage to find one. T. thought that sliding down the very tall, steep falls would be fun, but I didn't let him try.

*This doe and her fawns (there were two)really wanted to come home with us. T. and K. were all up for opening the door to the van and letting them in, but Ed said we already had enough crazy animals running around the house. Aren't they funny in the last picture? It looks to me as if they are saying, "You really aren't going to take us with you? Not even as far as the ice cream store?"


Wisteria said...

Plan B does indeed seem better.

Amy in Apex said...

What a great visit. You know those deer at the park are really friendly. I don't believe I have ever seen anything like them before.

Mary saw the picture of the larger slide and wants to go down that one now. She wants to know when we can come back.


Jules said...

Great pictures!

I love seeing pictures of that park. It looks like a gorgeous place to go- and so much fun sliding down those rocks!

Melora said...

A nice shady stream beats a pool for me anytime. The kids do enjoy the slide & diving board, though.

Any time you can make it over, we will declare a holiday & spend the day at Stone Mountain! Really!

It is the sort of place we used to go on family vacations when I was a kid, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to go there whenever we have some free time now! If you are ever in our neck of the woods we would be delighted to show off "our" rock slides!

Emily said...

WOW! I am loving the looks of those rock slides!! What an awesome place. You are right, plan B was MUCH better :)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I think plan B was definitely better! What wonderful "others" were there to enjoy it with you.

I think Stone Mountain will be beautiful as the leaves turn, too!