Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Littlest Acolyte?

After last week's huge crowd at church, this week we were back to the usual group. Actually, fewer than usual. I guess people who can go somewhere cool in late August. Anyway, for Sunday School I only had my kids, plus three others, who range in age from nine to twelve and are good kids. They knew all about the narrow gate and why we want to go through that one, not the wide one, so I didn't have to do much talking on that. They were happy to draw what they thought Heaven would look like (and, sensibly, drew it the way I imagine it, with fields and hills and streams and flowers, not just a mountain of pizza slices and corn dogs, the way a certain little gourmand I know envisions it!), and between discussion and drawing, we filled the time nicely. The only flop was the song that K. was going to teach the kids (her idea!), "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock." It probably would have been more of a hit with younger kids, but they could at least have humored me by singing along. Instead they sat and watched me bemusedly, word sheets in hand, as I sang through all four verses all on my own. That's right, even my own children, who cheerfully belted out the song at home just the night before, were completely silent. I don't think we'll try singing again. (So they have only themselves to blame when I go back to teaching them a Latin prayer next time I have them, in the end of September.)

After the exchange of the peace (which our church does in an utterly madhouse way, with everyone up and about from one end of the church to the other, not my preference!), K. couldn't find us (she went the rounds with her brother, rather than remaining decorously in our pew with Ed and me). One of the older acolyte girls (have I mentioned that all the "regular" kids are acolytes, except for K. because she is so little) asked if she wanted to come and sit up front with the acolytes. She did, and was so pleased and proud to be sitting with all the big kids. She went up and took Communion with the acolytes, and behaved beautifully. During coffee hour, Father Blank mentioned to us that as soon as they get a robe small enough for her, K. can be an acolyte too. Wouldn't she be cute? And I think she would take the responsibility seriously. It won't happen right away, as Father is getting ready to go on vacation, but K. is very pleased with the idea!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, if you get a picture when she is in her robe, I'd love to see it!

Melora said...

Oh, absolutely!

Dy said...

That is SO sweet. I love a warm and loving church. :-)

Melora said...

It is that. I'm an old stick-in-the-mud who would prefer a little more formality in my service, but the people are absolutely marvelous, which trumps my desire for a chanted liturgy and announcements being kept short. The kids love being involved!