Friday, September 28, 2007

Hooray for Friday!!!

For some reason, I've been in a bit of a slump lately. This week, especially, it has seemed as though I keep failing to get anything done. The house is messy, the lawn is overgrown, and the kids did not get as much work finished as I had planned. Oh, and I never got the dog washed. We did have more activities than usual, what with cub scouts on Monday night, a long playdate Tuesday afternoon and evening, and another playdate this afternoon, but I still should have been able to handle the regular stuff, a few extras, and keep things pulled together. Much as I thought cub scouts might be good for T., I'm now sort of hoping that he will decide to drop it because it makes Mondays awfully long.
Today, however, was absolutely glorious. The air suddenly turned cool and fresh, the sky is blue, and my low spirits were lifted high. T. did well on his Latin quiz, the hs group discussion of The Trumpet of the Swan (which I had been a little anxious about leading today) went very well, and the wet spots in the basement turned out to be just water. Tomorrow is the Pumpkin Festival, and we are planning to go into town and admire the pumpkins.
Back when we took Harry in and he was just a scrawny little thing and the vet said he was mostly grown, we never imagined that he would get as big as he is now. He is not fat, but he is substantial. If he Does become fat, I think we may have to move up to the next size in cat doors (and I'm not sure there is a next size in cat doors). Bo thinks we are very mean, though, to put that luscious smelling cat food just beyond his reach. Last night we left the house in a rush and I accidentally left the door ajar. We came home to a hungry, cranky cat and a very happy, completely unrepentant dog.

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