Saturday, September 29, 2007

Templeton Would Be Proud

The Pumpkin Festival today was just fine. The weather wasn't as crisp as last year, but it was very pleasant anyway. The children, especially K., ate mightily but, thankfully, did not get sick. The pumpkins were impressively large. T. spent all his money on on a cap gun "rifle" which he is convinced shoots caps (as if we would let that child have a gun that shot anything other than Nerf materials!), and I found a Magic Schoolbus book and an Antonia Fraser biography (Mary, Queen of Scots) at the library sale (even when my shelves are overcrowded, I can't resist books for 50 cents each!).
(A cupcake in one hand and a snowcone in the other. Life is good!) (Here, K. is directing the application of the sprinkles on her chocolate covered frozen banana. She got a lot of sprinkles. After a few bites, though, she decided to give this last treat to Ed. She is pretty good about recognizing her limit.)

Because we hadn't quite met our daily quota for sweets today (ha!), I baked Maddie's Lemon Bars tonight. As Garrison Keillor would say if he were lucky enough to get one, "Heavens, they're tasty!" Thanks, Madeline!

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