Monday, September 10, 2007

I've Been Led Into Temptation

We had a pretty fine Monday here. We met a friend at Stone Mountain this afternoon to play in the water and had the place pretty much all to ourselves (well, and about a zillion deer). T. did not have his history done before we left, but he promised that he would finish it after piano lesson/dinner time. He had a hard time buckling down to work (partly thanks to K., who wanted him to Play), but he is finishing up now and hasn't once wailed "I can't do this!"

I have been pleased with the books we are using for school this year, but now, thanks to the WTM Curriculum Board, I am lusting after a new program (and I am pretty sure it qualifies as lust, since I have been several times now to the publisher's site to oooh and aaah over the samples of the books). Latina Christiana is easy to use, not too demanding, and has a nice cd for help with pronunciation. It is not colorful or exciting, but I don't demand that, but it also doesn't show words in different cases being used in sentences, at least early on, which I do think would be nice. On the Curriculum Board today, a mom posted about how much her son was enjoying Latin Prep, and gave as an example of its "boy-friendliness" some sentences that were used to help demonstrate the ablative case (in English). Some sentences were, "The sailor kills a poet with a spear," The maidservant kills the inhabitant with an arrow," and "We are poets. We do not fight with arrows." I printed them out for T., and he thought they were a hoot, something which has never happened with LC. Increasing my temptation, someone else posted a link to a company that sells these books with free overseas shipping (they are published in England). My thought (justification) is that I could continue to use LC for quite a while longer, using Latin Prep to illustrate various things and provide translation exercises, and then switch over. Then I could start K. with Prima Latina in 2nd grade (which I was planning anyway), and use Latina Christiana with her in 3rd. So nothing would be wasted and T. and I could take advantage of this more colorful, challenging program. I think I've talked myself into it!


Jules said...

Oops! I should have posted part of that other comment here.

Thanks again for the info on Latin! ;)

Dy said...

You know, I've been ignoring KathyJo. I've been ignoring everybody. I'm not listening!! LA LA LA LA LA!!!

But... we'll be done w/ Primer A soon... and I'll need something else...

Oh, OKAY. Might as well go check it out! ;-)

Gee, thanks...

Melora said...

I didn't know KathyJo was using Latin Prep. Now I have to go visit her. I really have to work myself up to fever pitch before spending $.