Saturday, September 08, 2007

K. Discovers a Brontosaurus or a T-Rex (or, maybe, a cow)

K. was digging in the back yard today and found this bone. She is pretty sure that is belonged to a Brontosaurus (except they are Apotosauruses now) or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ed looked it up on the internet and thought it might be a human femur. Just to be safe, K. and I went over and asked Tony-next-door (who was grilling) what he thought. He said it was probably a cow bone that some dog had found and dragged into our yard (he said it could be human, but that he was sure it wasn't). If a dog could drag a cow bone to our yard (and since we didn't find the rest of the skeleton, the dragging theory seems reasonable), it could also drag a dinosaur bone, couldn't it? Anyway, K. is unshaken in her belief that a museum will be thrilled with her discovery, when we get around to donating it, and that her career as a paleontologist is well begun.

The Friday meeting with our new hs book group went very well. All the moms seem really nice, and both T. and K. had a marvelous time playing with kids their own age. We picked out the next couple books to read, and I was pleased that we seem to have similar ideas about what are good books for kids (Last week one mom, who wasn't there this week, suggested to me that maybe Nancy Drew books would be a good choice. I said that I was pretty open in my choices, but that I thought maybe there might be some lists of "good" books that we could choose from. She didn't seem offended -- I hope she wasn't.). After Shiloh, we will be reading The Trumpet of the Swan and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. T. has started Shiloh and likes it, which is so nice.

**Somehow, this picture makes me think about the story "The Teeny Tiny Woman," where the little voice keeps saying "Give me my bone!" Only, of course, this is not exactly a teeny tiny bone, so whatever wanted it back might be rather formidable.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

So maybe it is a cow! But why spoil her fun. And she was cleaning it like a pro!

Those were very nice pictures of her through the magnifying glass, by the way. I enjoyed the whole series of them.

Wisteria said...

What a wonderful find!!

Jules said...

Boy - that is one cool bone! Sorry I can't help any with the ID of it though. Human bone sounds kinda freaky! ;)

Thanks for the good info on Latin stuff. It is very helpful for me!

Dy said...

Whatever it is, it's Exciting! I love the pictures.

Melora said...

Thanks!!! She was so excited about it, and it has put her on a little bit of a science "kick."

I'm glad the Latin comments helped you. I'm one who doesn't much care for changing courses, but Latin Prep really seems to appeal to T. On the other hand, he loves the hymns in LC, and I like the way it incorporates Famous Men of Rome & the map work. I want it All.