Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Next We'll Try the Apple Pie Without Apples (not really!)

Lately we have been playing the "Let's see what meals we can make from the dusty contents of our pantry" game. It is interesting to see what is back there, and there is a nice creative spirit to the enterprise. Being low on stores is also the only thing that can inspire me to actually clean the fridge and freezer. Anyway, I was noodling around at Hillbilly Housewife this afternoon, looking for inspiration, and noticed her recipe for chocolate milkshakes made without ice cream. We had all the ingredients, so I made them to go with dinner (I figured that if my little Philistines declined the lovely chicken pot pie I made for supper, at least they could fill their ungrateful little tummies with nutritious milkshake.). Considering the ingredients, the shakes were surprisingly good. Even Ed finished his off with a yum yum yum, and T. was very pleased when I told him we could make them a regular treat. Life is good!


Dy said...

Mmm, magic milkshakes are our favorites. The french vanilla is a fun variation, too! Those got us through the bulk of August this year. *whew*

Love those cute little milkshake smiles!!

Melora said...

We'll have to try the French Vanilla (I didn't even notice that one -- thanks!).

Jules said...

What cutie pies!

But really, I was admiring your books even more! Isn't that sad? ;) No offense to your gorgeous children, of course! I have just been hankering for some decent bookshelves around here so when I see yours plum full of wonderful books, I drool a little!

Enjoy those milkshakes!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Melora, don't keep me in the dark!
How does one make those milkshakes?

They look wonderful, though I don't know if my guys would be happy without the ice cream. They are absolute ice cream fanatics. Whenever the good stuff goes on sale, Bruce buys about $30.00 worth now that we have a freezer in the garage.

Melora said...

I Love my book cases! Just wish I had More!

If you click "milkshakes," it should take you to the recipe. Your guys probably wouldn't like them as well as shakes made with real ice cream, but it doesn't hurt to have a backup in case you ever run out (though the way Bruce buys, that is probably not likely).