Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Looking for Fall

K.'s new fleece jacket, a gift from her Granny and Paba, arrived today, and she is thrilled with it. "It is even better than I imagined it would be!" she said. The monogram, which was a surprise, makes it even more special.

K. had been a little reluctant to do her reading practice earlier today, but, with a new jacket to show off, she decided that she would really like to do her reading if we walked over to the cemetary and read there. So we gathered some Nilla wafers (to keep up our strength) and our book and walked over. Of course, we couldn't just sit down beside any old grave and read -- we had to pick just the right one.

After walking and discussing for quite some time, and visiting some of our favorite stones and putting wildflowers on them, we picked a "Mom" with her two little lambs (most of the infant graves have lambs on them) beside her. We figured they would like to be read to. I would like to say that the peaceful, lovely setting was inspirational, and K. read her Hooked on Phonics book with new skill and pleasure, but (and this confession is for you, Amy), while it should have gone that way, the truth is that a large bug scuttled through the grass near us about three words into our first page and we decided that we should read somewhere else. And of course we got distracted by reading gravestones, and then it was time to go home and fix dinner. But it was a pretty thought, wasn't it?

(In case anyone doesn't recognize how color coordinated K.'s outfit is, I should point out that the little glittery jewels in the flowers on her sandals match the lavender of her jacket beautifully. And the rest is an expression of her very avant-garde fashion sense.)

(I don't know what this little tree is, but it has very pretty red berries. Probably deadly poisonous.)


Amy said...

Once the bug went past us, that would have been the end of any lessons that day. We would have had to catch it, dip it in acetone, add it to the big collection and look it up.

We've tried to read outside on various occasions, and I still have those fantasies...

The girls came by while I was reading this and wanted to say HI! They think the idea of reading in a cemetery is neat.


Amy said... should read: add it to the bUg collection


Melora said...

Our bug was luckier than yours would have been. It got to feel powerful and important, watching us in our quick retreat. Katie says "hi!" Next time you come, don't forget your acetone -- we have great bugs here who would love to be part of Mary's collection.