Monday, October 08, 2007

Mom Was Right About Barbie!

T. and I were starting on our second declension noun endings today when K. marched into the kitchen with Ken and Barbie and announced that they were on their way to a pool party. I don't know where she gets this stuff, but I promise you that if you ever see us at a pool party, this is not the way we will be dressed (or not dressed). Of course, we don't look much like Ken and Barbie when we get down to our birthday suits, a fact for which Ed, in particular, is profoundly grateful.

As it turned out, they were really just planning a private party in their hot tub.


Hornblower said...

LOL, poor Ken does look silly with his pants down. Of course Barbie doesn't have nipples so she can't brag much either. I like their hot tub - I sometimes feel like that when I'm in my hot tub & I imagine some great big cannibal tribe turning the heat up under me.....

Anonymous said...

Do you have an email?
I had a few comments about a topic the curriculum board.

Melora said...

I agree that both of them look better with their clothes on. Of course, I also look better with clothes on, and I even have the bits that they are missing. You notice that they carefully installed their hot tub on the counter, not on the stove. One can't be too careful when one hot tubs in cookware.

I would love to hear your curriculum thoughts. I put the e-mail feature back on my profile.