Sunday, October 07, 2007

Our Usual Sunday

As usual, the temptation to go play this afternoon won out over my feeble sense of duty. The laundry and the vacuuming will wait (the vacuuming in particular, as we are out of bags and a certain someone's experiment in using a plastic bag instead (he didn't run this by me first) was spectacularly unsuccessful, though not permanently damaging, thanks to an auto-shut off before the motor burned up), and the mowing too, but warm sunny days, when winter is just around the corner, are not to be passed up lightly. Plus, housework is boring.
(This is T.'s "cool surfer" pose. We didn't really allow him to go down the rock standing up. He needs to hang onto every scrap of brain that he has.)

(Here you see T. trying to persuade K. to climb onto his back, so they can hurtle down the rock like a double-decker bus. He was unsuccessful.)

(If he learned nothing else in the summer swimming class, he Did learn to kick well while holding a board. This is a skill with limited applications, but here T. is making use of it.)

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It looks like such fun. And it must still be warm where you are.

We had our first frost last night and the temperature during the days recently has not climbed above 65. Fall is really here for us.

Somewhere, I am going to have to find my 22 year old' Barbie essay. She wrote it during her Freshman year of high school. It is a profound statement.

I'm glad your Barbie and Ken had the good sense to stay home in their hottub. Imagine bailing them out of Barbie Jail if they had gone public! LOL!