Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Misty Moisty Morning, When Cloudy Was the Weather...

Our week did not get off to the rip-roaringly productive start I'd hoped for yesterday. But this time it was my fault. Once again, it appears that my amazing mommy powers do not render me immune to cold germs. Yuck! Sore throat, aching head, and aching eyes. I am still pottering around, but even less efficiently than usual.

Our neighbor (the fire chief) told us yesterday that the burn ban is back on. So the mounting pile of sticks beside the garage may be with us for quite a while to come, and my plans for buying a burn barrel and burning leaves will have to go on hold. The chipmunks, who live in the stick pile, will be pleased anyway. The weather report keeps promising us thundershowers, but all we get is mist.

All is not gloom here, though! Our new vinyl and carpet are scheduled to be installed in the back room and kitchen on Thursday. The rooms are going to look so much nicer -- like we live in a real house, not some derelict backwoods shack (who nails enormous nails in lines across their already ugly vinyl floor?).

(We have a new favorite game -- Blokus.)

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Wisteria said...

I love Blokus!

Hope you are feeling better, soon! Of course, all the dust and smell from the new carpet and the installation will probably make you more stuffy.