Saturday, October 20, 2007


Guess who finally let her Daddy take the training wheels off her bicycle today? Once she got the hang of it, she did not want to quit.
(Stopping is still a little problematic.)

*Today's post would not have been possible without the computer life-saving skills of my fabulous baby brother. My computer went on strike this morning -- it said it couldn't find its hard drives. Since I have been neglecting to back up my important stuff lately (my pictures), and since I need my computer like I need my morning coffee, things were looking pretty bleak. When I called him this afternoon, my little brother was gardening, but he patiently listened to my garbled, inexpert explanation of what was going on, told me the right buttons to press, and fixed my computer. Who'd have guessed he'd turn out to be such a great guy?


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I forwarded the link to this post to my daughter...the one who used to say things like 'that was before my little brother came along and ruined my life...'

Just a subtle reminder to her that brothers can indeed be useful!

I am so glad that your computer is back on the job!

Melora said...

My little brother is wonderful and, as you say, useful. Of course, he is also almost 39.
So, your daughter just needs to be patient for another 15 - 20 years. (Kidding. Sort of. I'm sure she will come to appreciate her brother before that.)

Amy said...

Congratulations to K!! That is wonderful. Katie is nowhere close to even wanting her training wheels off. Of course she doesn't have the interest in bike riding, or even being outside, that the others have.


Dy said...

Alright! Let's hear it for Great Daddies, life-saving brothers, and beautiful little girls who conquer new skills! I love it!