Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sick Days

T. took the afternoon off yesterday, claiming to be sick. Since he wasn't burning with fever (and no, I didn't bother to take his temperature) and wasn't throwing up, and since the sickness appeared after a couple perhaps too comfortable hours on the couch, watching "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (which tied in with our Bible lesson for the week), I was a tad skeptical. More than skeptical, really, but Ed said that I should curb my suspicious nature and pretend to be sympathetic and motherly. So I sent the kid to bed and told him that the sausage and mashed potatoes he had been looking forward to for dinner would be postponed, and he would instead eat chicken noodle soup. (Ed and I had quiche. T., who doesn't like chicken noodle soup, skipped dinner entirely.)

Today, T. was sick again, and I decided that his gummy sore throat might actually be genuine. Ed was skeptical today. It is now 7 p.m., and T. still has that nasty gucky sounding throat, but I think he is beginning to find bed rest dull. He missed karate tonight, and will miss hs book discussion tomorrow (but we did read Rip Van Winkle last night, and enjoyed it). He keeps coming out and wanting to share funny Calvin and Hobbes strips with me. And I keep sending him back to bed. If he gets bored enough, maybe he will feel well enough tomorrow to come back to school!
(K. and I saw this stone at the cemetary today. Doesn't it make you wonder about Fannie? Ed says she probably just got remarried and was eventually buried with her second husband. I'd rather imagine that she discovered a fountain of youth or was abducted by aliens (kidding!) or something exciting. Even if she was going to be buried somewhere else, I think she ought to have instructed her heirs to have this stone "finished up" in order to provide closure for nosy cemetary wanderers.)

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