Friday, October 19, 2007

A Week in Which Little Was Accomplished

Ed took K. to library storyhour this morning, and afterwards to McDonalds to eat lunch and play with her new best friend from the homeschool group. This left T. and me with plenty of time and peace to get some school stuff done, but T. is still not feeling that great and his brain seemed to have the goopies. We'll start fresh and healthy on Monday.

K. made a scarecrow hat at story hour and very kindly gave it to Ed. Doesn't he look fetching?
We had clouds and a drizzle of rain today, and this evening noticed mushrooms all over. Ed gets a little freaked out when giant mushrooms start rocketing out of the ground, but I think the colors are wonderful (I don't think Ed's parents read him Under a Mushroom when he was little.).


Patriot said...
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Dy said...

That's a gorgeous photo of the mushrooms. Love the hat - looks like a great day, all around, really. I think accomplishment, on the things we put on our lists, is overrated - b/c it makes us forget about things like pictures of flowers, and riding trikes, and wearing silly hats. What would life be like w/o those things from time to time?