Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good Company

My parents arrived late Sunday, and we've been busily talking, cooking, eating, baking, cleaning, playing, and hiking ever since.
(T. and K. think exercising with Paba is fun! Bo thinks having everyone lie down on the floor is fun.)
(Paba is teaching T. to play Age of Mythology. I am assured that it is highly educational.)
(We went to Stone Mountain and had a picnic before our hike. K. managed to fall into the water, even though I said, "Don't fall into the water.")

(K. and Paba found Enormous leaves.)
(Granny and Paba expressed the proper appreciation for the view from Wolf Rock. We are so proud of our pretty scenery!)

(K. has been helping Granny with the baking. She is learning from the master.)

My brother, his four kids, and his girlfriend arrived at 12:30 last night. We were very impressed that they managed to find our house. They left us with the two boys and went off to their hotel after a snack and a bit of chit chat, but they came back today and, after lunch, we went back to Stone Mountain and did the Wolf Rock trail again. K. and T. are getting pretty good at it, and everyone enjoyed the day out. We had lovely, unseasonably warm weather, and there are still some leaves.

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