Monday, November 26, 2007

Still Goofing Off Here

After a lovely visit, my brother and his family headed back to Florida on Saturday night. They agreed that our scenery is beautiful, but said the weather was way too cold. Good thing that the even colder, rainy weather didn't start up 'til after they left. After several years of not seeing them, it was great to spend time together, eating, talking, and playing.
(My brother's kids have all sorts of fancy electronic devices. Harry says he needs an MP3 player.)
(From left to right, Cousin Arnold, Uncle Jeremy, Cousin Damion, and Cousin Alexandra. They are ferocious soccer players.) (Can you believe my dad lives in Maine? Not on the coast, either. So much for that thick Northern blood. He and Travis played goalies, except when they felt their team, otherwise consisting of Cousin Arnold, needed them.)
(Bo thought it was Great having all these people running around his yard! His favorite part was when people would fall down and sometimes accidentally pat him on their way back up.)
(Katie and two cousins fit very nicely on the glider swing.)
(Look at my little brother, all bundled up in coats and blankets to play Blokus. He has gotten all thin and athletic and has no nice body fat to keep him warm, poor lamb.)

My dad went with me to take Travis to his music lesson tonight, and he and the piano teacher's husband (who makes and plays fiddles) had a good time talking about making instruments (my daddy makes harps) and the high cost of gut string (what kind of "gut" do you suppose they use?) My parents will be leaving Wednesday, so tomorrow will be our last day with them for a while. Travis is trying to use that to negotiate an extra extra short day of school (we only did a few subjects today, but he managed to drag them out astonishingly), but after a week off for Thanksgiving and almost two off before that for sickness, we really have to buckle down and get some learning done!


Amy said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time visiting with family. I am so glad everyone was feeling better by the time they came.

My step-father grew up in New England and he is always the one most bundled up in the winter. I think he starts wearing his long-underwear in October (And this is on the coast of NC).

We struggled yesterday trying to get back to school also. I feel pushed to get as much in as possible for the next two weeks so we can have our long holiday/semester break.


Melora said...

My long underwear! That is what I need to find! Good reminder.
We always have a hard time getting back to work after even a modest vacation. I am planning on taking the week of Christmas off, but I'm sure we will also have some short days, because of the fun activities that come up that time of year. As long as no one gets sick again, we'll be alright!