Sunday, December 09, 2007

Second Sunday of Advent

Since no one was sick this morning, we went to church. Really early, because the mom-in-charge-of-the-Christmas-play wanted to have the kids rehearse in the church for an hour before church, and she wanted us to be done a half hour before church started, so we wouldn't disturb the people who like to sit in the pews for a half hour in peace before the service starts. So we made it there early, and the kids got to run through the play a couple times. Good thing they get two more practices, because some of them really need it. Travis, in particular, was just as goofy and clueless as all get out. Amy (mom-in-charge) told me afterward that he did very well on their first read through two weeks ago, and that she thought he was just being silly because Ed and I were watching, but I don't know. Katie was cuter than sixteen buttons and delivered her (few, short) lines beautifully.

This afternoon we went into town for a community Christmas concert. It was in the Methodist church, which is big and quite beautiful (with a lovely high vaulted ceiling), and there were, according to the program, eighty singers from twenty six local churches. We recognized several people in the chorus, including our wonderful children's librarian, who made a point of finding us after the concert and saying "hello." The music was absolutely beautiful, and now I have the Hallelujah Chorus going round and round my brain, which is an improvement on the song about the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater which was previously stuck there.

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