Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Katie decided today that she needed a new haircut for the new year. Of course the salon where she went last time was closed, so she decided that I should cut her hair. I was willing, and I did my best to make it just like her picture (the one taken from an old Family Fun magazine), but she does not hold still. Every time she tilted her head forward or backward or sideways, I got things a little crooked and kept having to go shorter to even things out. Eventually I did get it pretty even, but it turned out a little shorter than I'd expected. She is pleased, however, and Ed didn't fuss, so I am happy (and Relieved!).
Travis played with the idea of wanting a haircut too, but then he decided that it would be even more fun to grow his hair long and wear it in a pony tail. Of course Ed thinks this is a marvelous idea, so I didn't offer my opinion. Cutting hair is boring anyway.


melissa said...

Her hair looks so cute!! nice job! ANd Travis would fit right in w/ my boys....however as soon as their hair starts getting long, they can't stand it on their ears!!

Dy said...

LOL! I love her new hair cut! I wish my boys would decide on a pony tail. James, however, has this thing for bangs. Long, irritating bangs. He has no idea what the "skater look" is, but it gives me flashbacks to look at him like that.