Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Window Shopping

Harry and Katie's Robo-Cat watched birds together this morning. Robo-Cat will never make it as a hunter, as he keeps up a continuous racket of meows and purrs. Harry eventually got irritated by his non-stop chatter and left.

On a related note, we cannot find Robo-Cat's off switch. Or where his batteries reside. And I threw out his manual. Sometime today I plan to search the internet for an online manual, because he must have batteries, but Ed and I felt him over with embarrassing thoroughness this morning and neither one of us could find them.


LisaWA said...

Oh... a buddie! How funny!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

The cat on the left looks just a bit like each of my cats, in different ways. Cloudy is almost all white, with gray (not black) spots, and he has shorter hair.
Binky, on the other hand, is a rag-doll, with that beautiful white hair, but he has many more black spots and even a few brown!

Anyway, they looked like they were having fun until the one decided to leave!

Tina said...

That cat looks real. :o)

Melora said...

It is funny to watch Harry with the Robo-cat. He knows the new (at Christmas) cat doesn't Smell like a cat, but he sure does sound like one.

Travis has told me before that Harry is like a rag-doll cat, but I don't know anything about cats so I thought he was just making things up. Now I'll have to google it!

He does, doesn't he? When I have my glasses off I can't tell which is the toy and which is the real cat. Robo-cat even "bites."

KathyJo said...

LOL Now THAT is funny. Though I suppose the lack of an off switch is more annoying than funny, at least from your side of the internet. ;)

Mama Peep said...

WOW! Amazing how real the Robo_cat looks. We have had a few toys that have gone "missing" when their batteries just would not die.
I must preserve my sanity. :-)


Emily said...

LOL!! I really thought that was a real cat until I read the last paragraph!! Happy New Year! Love the new look! And the slide show on your sidebar is just adorable!!