Monday, January 07, 2008


Our first day following my lovely new schedule went surprisingly well. Both kids got all their work done, very nearly "on time," and there was no fussing except for just a little when Travis realized that when I told him he would have to re-write the story of Cincinnatus from Classical Writing (which we haven't worked with in a cow's age), I meant write. He did write it, though, and only whimpered a little when I explained that he would be adding dialogue, fixing mistakes, etc. during the week and finally writing a final, perfect draft on Friday. He really liked being able to look at the schedule and see what was coming next and how many minutes there were until his next break.

We went to a fancy party last night at the home of a couple from our church. They invited the whole congregation, so my usual party fears of not knowing anyone or having anything to talk about were not an issue, and they were fine with our bringing the kids. Ed and I talked it over afterward and neither of us could ever remember being at a party before where a uniformed person opened the door and offered to take our coats and another uniformed person made sure that we had what we liked to eat on our plates and what we wanted to drink in our glasses. It wasn't stuffy, though, and the food was absolutely fabulous. The kids behaved very well (it only took one round chocolate rolling off her plate and across the floor for Katie to figure out that she needed to keep a firm grip on her chocolates), and we had a wonderful time. Ed thought that the house was just the sort that we should get if we ever win the lottery, but I had to tell him that it didn't have nearly enough bookcases.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Yay! I am glad to hear that it all works out for you and for Travis. There will be a time when he will want more autonomy, but in the meantime, giving him the comfort of structure appears to be a great blessing.

And it's nice that your beautiful schedule is not just a dustcatcher like mine was! :)

melissa said...

Wow. Sounds lovely. And what a cool thing for the kids. They look so cute in the pic!