Sunday, January 06, 2008

Devil on One Shoulder, Angel on the Other

The new vestry members were "installed" today at church, and the acolytes were also brought up front to be recognized and awarded special cross shaped medallions. Travis and all the other little acolytes looked so sweet and pure up there, and we received compliments on him from many members of the congregation during the coffee hour (Actually, most of the comments were along the lines of, "We enjoy watching him acolyte," which might very well refer more to the thrill of possible pending catastrophe that his participation adds to the service than to the way his solemn demeanor enhances the dignity of the proceedings. We don't ask people to elaborate.). We won't tell anyone at church that he sent Katie climbing 20 feet up a spindly branched pine tree this afternoon, from which height she had to be rescued by ladder. Not that she told on him, of course, but her quavering question, "Travis, did I go high enough to pass the ninja test to the next level?" gave him away. He is so in the doghouse.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, yes, that's exactly how it is! Bruce says they look angelic--when they're asleep! Of course, he's talking about the dogs.

melissa said...

Ha! Ha! This brings back memories. I used to coerce my sister into doing all kinds of stuff like that. I always figured that I was toughening her for a world that would swallow a gullable girl like that. And she never told on ME idea.

Dy said...

Awwww. I remember tests and trials like that when I was a kid! Katie will be a lady with a great deal of fortitude (and a good eye for a scam) when she grows up. ;-)


andie said...


andie said...

P.S. Did she pass!?

Melora said...

They look So angelic while they are sleeping that I look at them and feel terribly guilty for the times I get frustrated or angry with them. Then they wake up and I am quickly reminded that, cute as they are, they can be infuriating. Thank goodness they sleep at regular intervals!

I was the oldest kid, and I don't remember ever doing that sort of thing to my siblings. Of course, I was a very gullible girl myself.

You are so right! Katie is turning out to be fairly tough and assertive, at least with people who Aren't her big brother.

She Did pass. I think Travis was taken by surprise by how high up that tree she went!