Monday, January 14, 2008

The Prince is Giving a Ball

Ed and Travis went off to piano after dinner tonight, and Katie and I stayed home and played "Cinderella." Neither one of us wanted to be Cinderella, so Harry played the beautiful but much persecuted maiden.
(The fair Cinderella was wearing a pink beaded necklace, and it looked very lovely and feminine, but he managed to get out of it before I could get a picture.)

Unfortunately, Cinderella was on strike, so I, an evil step-sister, did the washing up. It wouldn't have done if the Prince had dropped by to visit us and found our kitchen full of dirty dishes. Katie looked pretty good in her evil-step-sister clothes, but I was dazzling in a flowered bathrobe over my sweats. Only the most fearlessly self-confident of evil-step-sisters can carry off an outfit like that (Ed actually took a picture, but some things are better left to the imagination)!

Here you see Bo before we transformed him into a horse to pull our carriage to the ball.

(Bo is a much better sport about these things than some animals I might mention.)

Katie and I arrived at the Ball just as Ed and Travis arrived home. Harry was very grateful. According to Katie, she married the prince because I was just too old. What a surprise.

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melissa said...

Awwww....too cute. I love all the pictures. Katie looks adorable.