Sunday, September 27, 2009

But Next Time, Ed would prefer the Pastries of the Spirit

For the past few Sundays, the kids have been discussing the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23  "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.") in their class while Ed and I do our Bible study.  As a special activity, the mom in charge arranged for the children to provide the food for the coffee hour after the service.  Actually, she provided the food (I did offer) and the kids cut it up and arranged it prettily.  It was fruit, of course, and there were also baskets on all the tables of paper fruits which the kids had cut out and colored.  The front of each paper fruit lists a gift of the Spirit, and the back has a related Bible verse.  The kids were so excited when the service was over and we could admire their work!  They eagerly handed me one fruit after another, saying "Here, Mom, you need Self-control, Peace, Patience, Love, ..."  They know me!  It was very nice, but Ed, who feels the need for something more substantial than fresh fruit after a couple hours of church, would have been even happier if the symbolic fruit had been goopily couched in a Danish pastry.

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