Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturdays are for Decadence

I stayed in bed late this morning, reading.  Around 9:30 I looked in on the children, who were in the living room watching Saturday morning television.  They each had a doughnut this morning for breakfast, and Katie followed hers up with the dish of pudding that she wasn't allowed to have last night for dessert because she didn't eat her dinner.
I mentioned that she was still wearing a fair lot of the doughnut or the pudding or both, but she was undismayed...

Aside from the fact that it was cold, gray, and rainy from Wednesday on, weather which makes me want to hibernate, we had a pretty good week.  My Uncle Dave stopped by for a visit on Tuesday and we had a lovely time!  The kids showed him all the wonders of Mountain Park (chiefly our new general store), and he took us out to a delicious lunch at an Italian/Greek place in town which had been recommended to me.  Then the kids showed him the Wii.
All the fun of a bowling alley without the ickiness of rented shoes.  What more could one ask?

He is excellent company and a very good listener.  Also a good patter!  He left with a very generous quantity of Bo's hair stuck to his trousers.
We hope he comes back soon!

School went pretty well this week.  Travis crossed another bridge in Fred, Katie learned all her spelling words, and the usual grammar, Latin, history, etc. was studied and more or less learned.  Literature this week was particularly fun, featuring Beowulf, King Arthur, and the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology. 

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