Friday, November 27, 2009

Full of Pie and Feeling Thankful

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  My parents and my brother and his kids didn't come this year (and we missed them), so it was quiet, but we had a good time anyway.  Some friends with a daughter who is between Travis and Katie in age came over for dessert in the afternoon, and we enjoyed good conversation and Ed's good coffee while the kids ran around and worked off energy.

Katie has become quite a wonderful little helper, when the mood takes her.  All the pre-holiday cleaning that got done (and I won't claim that that was much) was done by her.  She helped with the pies, and she learned to make her daddy's favorite cookies: Ed Bars.  Now I can rest easy knowing that if I get run down by a herd of angry rhinoceroses in my prime (okay, late prime) Ed won't have to do without his cookies (and if you know Ed you will know that this would comfort him considerably).

Here she is, using a big knife to chop nuts.  I am hardly wincing at all.
And spreading coconut.  I spread the chocolate chips because they are just too tempting for Katie, and I put on the sweetened condensed milk just because. 

Emma seems to be recovered.  Which is good because I am getting very tired of supervising pets and their games of musical food dishes.  And of shoving Pepcid pills into a very  unappreciative cat.   Here she and Harry are, snuggled up on Travis's chair.  Kind of cute, aren't they?

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