Thursday, November 19, 2009

Herding Cats

Emma appears to be recovering nicely.  She met me at my bedroom door this morning, meowing imperiously about how breakfast appeared to be running a little late, and would I kindly Hurry Up.  This seems like a good sign.  And I have now had first hand experience with herding cats.  I've heard the expression before, but never properly appreciated the chaos it indicates until this morning, when Emma wanted to eat Harry's food or Bo's food, but Not her own food; Harry wanted Emma's food or Bo's; and Bo preferred either dish of cat food to his dog food.  The vet prescribed Iams (canned food, priced for the Wealthy Cat) for Emma to eat for two weeks, and she finds it unappealing.  To be honest, so do I, but we can't afford to have her back in the kitty ICU, so we will persevere.

School went fairly well today.  Still didn't get to everything (math wants to eat our whole morning), but I think I might have made an impression this morning with my 10,000th repetition of the lecture on how we don't have unlimited time in our days.  Maybe.  The good Lord knows I don't excel at time management, so they are genetically predisposed to fritter.

This is Travis, with what he considers his Skeptical Scientist expression.  Sure, the thermometer may say -11degrees (C), but are we naive enough to trust it?

And finally, the library called this evening to let me know about an interlibrary loan they got in, and the conversation just made me smile.  The woman, Linda, said, "The Skeleton Inside You is here.  Well, not the skeleton inside You, of course.  Because then you'd be a puddle of jelly!  It's the book that's here."
It's a small library and they know me enough to be silly.  I like that.

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