Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Damsel in Distress

Our sweet Emma cat started looking puny on Thursday.  By Friday, there was ample evidence that her digestive system was giving her trouble. Saturday she lay low.  By Sunday afternoon her fur was sticking out in a dehydrated sort of way (hard to describe) and her eyes were sort of glazed.  At bedtime I found her sitting by the water dish, staring at the water wistfully.  She kept sticking her head out over the dish, just above the water, but not drinking.  I dipped my finger in the water and rubbed it on her lips and she licked eagerly.  Then I used the eye dropper to feed her some more water.  Ed cautioned me not to give her to much, but she really seemed to enjoy it.
The kids had book group at 8:30 Monday morning, but we decided that Ed would call the vet's as soon as they opened and we would cut out early if necessary to get Emma in to see the doctor.  So at 11:00 Ed took her to the vet.  And came home an hour later without her.  They couldn't tell immediately what is the matter with her, except that she was very dehydrated, so they are putting her on a kitty IV and running tests.  The vet says there are positive signs, especially that she doesn't seem to be in pain, and Ed and I noticed that she still has the energy to put up a good fight against being put in the crate.  We will know more when the vet calls, this afternoon or tomorrow, but we are hoping for an easy (and low cost!) cure.

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