Thursday, November 05, 2009


While Travis and Ed were visiting the orthodontist this afternoon, Katie and I walked over to the field behind our house, right next to the cemetary, to do a little nature study.
Her assignment was to pick an area, one meter square, and note down all the plants, critters, and non-living stuff within it.  Picking a good square wasn't easy.  She wanted it to include every pretty flower she saw.  But finally she did settle on a square.

Then it turned out that even with our book on wildflowers I couldn't identify any of the scrubby little weeds growing in it.  And our instructions actually stated, "Do not just put "weed.""  Phooey.  So we did our best.  I think we had goldenrod (of some sort), white topped aster, and frost aster, plus what I rebelliously identified as "grass" and "small shrubby plant."  We also had a butterfly, a 2 spotted ladybug, and a large plastic leaf.  Plus a spider.

She took good notes & we had a good time.

Then we came home and Katie repaired the seat of her baby doll stroller and played house with Harry.  He was surprisingly good tempered about it.

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