Sunday, November 08, 2009

Miles to Go and Pageants to Organize

I had a nice long "to do" list for today, but the weather was so absolutely glorious that I didn't do any of it.  Instead the kids and I went for a hike.
Unfortunately, the cap for our water canteen  has gone missing, but I thought we could manage three miles without constant rehydration.  Never again!  Travis was only mildly pitiful, but Katie whimpered and whined all the way up the mountain.  I think if it hadn't been for the constant reminder of ice cream if she could only keep walking, the poor little thing would still be prostrate on the trail.

(Of course, even for a parched and weary boy, fallen tree trunks are irresistable.)

Katie was so excited when she noticed the latest carving in this tree.  "Mom!  Mom!  Someone carved your name on the tree!"  And they had, too.  "Mom."

Brings to mind poor Sam and Frodo collapsing part way up Mt. Doom, doesn't it?

But we made it!


Katie was more chipper once the "up" part was over, though.

She found a big Daddy Long-legs to tease her brother with.

And here we are at the homestead.  You probably can't see it, but I circled a person climbing the rock.  There were actually four of them.  The mind boggles.

In other news, I found a very nice Christmas pageant online, so I don't have to write one.  I made copies for the mom who I hope will be helping me organize the thing, and also for our priest, so he can check it over for anything that might be unkosher.  I asked him today, after church, if the Sunday before Christmas would be okay with him for us to put it on, and he said, "Oh!  I thought the pageant was off this year!"  I quietly panicked for a minute, until he said that it was a minor mix up and that the Sunday before Christmas would be fine for us.  Seems like not having to write a sermon just before Christmas would be pretty fine for him too, but wouldn't it have been awful if the year I was put in charge of the pageant it got cancelled due to miscommunication?  Anyway, we are moving forward now, and the field is wide open for the ways in which our Christmas pageant can be a disaster.

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