Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's That Time of Year

Tomorrow is entry day for the library's third annual gingerbread house contest, so today we held our third annual trashing of the kitchen/mad sugar fest and made our houses.  I baked gingerbread all morning & early afternoon, and Ed and I put the houses together before dinner.  After dinner we opened up the bags of candy, filled decorating tubes with icing, and got messy.
(Travis, tasting.)Katie was very methodical this year. 
Travis, eating candy corn, and Ed with  icing in his beard.
Ed and I did this one.  It even has a pool!

And this is Katie's.

Travis is trying out the theory that the judges will be swayed by a gingerbread Library.  I guess you never know.

And this last is for my daddy, because he is recovering from surgery and I know this will perk him up.

Katie set up her princess tent with dolls to play in herself, but Harry came along and thought it was the perfect place for a sultan to recline, surrounded by his lovely ladies.  (Katie did boot him out when she found him.)

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