Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Monday!

Today has been good.  A good Monday!  It probably helped that my expectations were low, but I'm not going to look a gift good-day in the mouth.  Book group met this morning (this switching back and forth between Mondays and Fridays gets confusing, but at least it forces me to look at the schedule, which also has the benefit of reminding me of what we are supposed to have done for class, which is helpful).  The kids did their memory cards (no comment, except that we got another week of review before adding new cards, which is a blessing), read the poems they had written, learned to write cinquains and wrote several together, and, finally, learned about Vincent Van Gogh and made their own versions of Starry Night.  They had a great time, and the paint came out of the library carpeting very nicely.  Afterwards, one of the moms and I took our kids to McDonalds and let them play for a good long time while we talked.  I think that was just what I needed, and the kids had fun too.

Of course, the kids weren't eager to buckle down to work when we got home (why do I always think they will be?), but we got pretty much everything done.  Didn't start Spanish, and I didn't have them revise the rotten papers they wrote on Friday and over the weekend (I've decided to put those behind us and start with nice fresh papers tomorrow), but I think we checked everything else off.  Plus they watched a video on Columbus on Discovery Streaming, which gave me a break and introduced one of our history topics for the week.  Now I have a much better appreciation for how much my public school teachers enjoyed the movies they showed in class!  And I don't have to deal with clunky, malfunctioning films, the way they did!

Oh, and I can't let today go without mentioning how Clever and Wonderful Ed was on Sunday.  Coming home from church, our lights and then our radio died, and the battery light was flashing.  Ed was afraid we wouldn't make it home, but we did.  He thought it was probably the alternator, so he drove into town to get a new one.  He bought it and was heading home when the car died in the middle of the road.  Fortunately he was able to pull up onto the sidewalk and then into a shopping center, and he had very cleverly brought his tools with him, so he put in the new alternator.  He says it took only a couple minutes to do, but then considerably longer to wait for someone to stop and give him a jump start!  So the van continues on -- yay!


Dy said...

You guys make me smile.

I'm glad Ed was able to fix the van. And yeah, that whole *looking AT* the schedule probably helps, considerably, doesn't it? That's been kicking my nether regions so far this year. *sigh* Maybe I need to add something that's regular, but not consistently spaced?

Melora said...

Yup! The hs group that met just once a month didn't work for us partly because that isn't often enough for me to remember it existed. Weekly is perfect, and weekly but irregular in time Really keeps me on my toes.

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