Thursday, January 28, 2010


We aren't having a bad week here, but somehow the days refuse to match the visions I have when I'm lying in bed in the mornings thinking about How Things are Going to Be.  The best laid plans mice and moms, and all that, I suppose.  And the days when our mornings go well usually wind up with lackluster afternoons.

Today, for instance, we were up and doing at a respectable hour.  Both kids got their math done promptly.  Travis did a Spanish lesson, then took a stack of assigned reading off to the living room and stayed there reading (slowly) until lunchtime, and Katie shillyshallied over her lessons.  After lunch I read to Katie and Travis dragged out his compare & contrast paper for a fairly absurd amount of time.  Actually, it might have been a reasonable amount of time, if his paper is brilliant, insightful, and properly spelled and punctuated.  I haven't felt strong enough to read it yet. Then he did some Latin, and Katie and I did her science lesson (fingerprints -- it was fun!), then I got distracted with my Homeschool Tracker.  It has a count-down timer feature that I hadn't noticed before (the kids don't like the ticking sound of egg timers), and it requires a WAV sound file to announce when the clock reaches "0."  At first I thought I was just looking for a buzzer sound, but then I found that there are all sorts of amusing WAV files from Harry Potter, Batman, and, especially, Monty Python.  Only I'm having a hard time getting them to work in the program.  So, Travis overheard the Penguin on the Television clip and wanted to see the video.  And then the Spam video.  And the Spanish Inquisition (can we call that History?).  And pretty soon it was time to go to the park, and we hadn't finished our memory cards or quite a number of other things.  As you can see, I can't pile all the blame on my kids, however much I might like to.

Oh well.  Tomorrow we will stay focused and accomplish everything on our lists.  Unless something comes up!


Anonymous said...
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Veronica Boulden said...

"I haven't felt strong enough to read it yet." Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! :)