Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Weekend

The forecast has been promising a snowy weekend and our church cancelled the service on Sunday, but we didn't see any snowflakes until around dinnertime last night.  And even then it was just a drizzle.  Apparently it kept coming all night, though, because this morning we had nearly a foot of snow!  And it has continued with snow alternating with frozen rain all today.

I took the kids across to the park this afternoon.  They had a good time and for once we came home before they were completely frozen.

Before sliding down the hill, they played on the playground...

Travis went down the slide first and cleared it off for Katie.

She immediately crashed into him.

Ed came over with Bo.  Bo doesn't want to go out when the snow is touching his belly, but he needs to, so Ed goes with him for moral support.  As you can see, after a little while in the cold my camera got very wonky and the exposures didn't come out right.

Travis slid down the hill behind the retaining wall, paused at the top of the wall, then crashed over.  Onto his face.  More than once.  And was surprised when his face felt frozen.

Katie just crashed in the usual sort of way at the bottom of the hill.  And Bo rushed down to rescue her.  Only he is old and the snow got stuck in his paws, so instead he just sat down beside her.

On a completely unrelated note, we went to visit friends with a new baby this last Wednesday.  The baby is an exceptionally gorgeous one, and both Katie and Travis want one.  Katie came home and tried making Harry play baby.

Doesn't he make the most bad tempered looking baby you've ever seen?  He escaped soon after I took the picture.

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