Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainy Sunday, And All is Well!

Sunday again, and last week was really a very good one!   The kids both worked harder at their lessons, and I did too, and all the stuff that really needed doing got done.  I pruned the roses, which was a bear because I didn't do it last year, and started weeding.  A few of the bushes have heavy duty clumps of grass right around their bases which are going to be tricky (and painful) to remove, but I'm planning to make that this week's after school project.  It feels so nice to play in the dirt again!

Today they announced at church who they've chosen as the new priest, and he looks excellent!  He looks (in his photograph) to be in his late thirties, maybe early forties, and is married (to a Methodist minister) and has two children, ages seven and ten.  He and his family actually visited our church just after Christmas, undercover, to see if they liked it, and I very vaguely remember meeting them and talking with them.  The members of the search committee are very enthusiastic about him, and say that he is orthodox in his teaching and has a good sense of humor.  He won't actually start until May, but it is lovely to know that they've gotten someone who seems so satisfactory!

And finally, this...

I stole it from the Internet Monk's site because it so perfectly illustrates what math with Travis looks like*.

*This is supposed to be Ma & Pa Kettle Math.  I just noticed that it changed to Ma & Pa Kettle at a French Restaurant, which is not like doing math with Travis.

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