Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Climbing out of Our Cocoon

Katie was down last week with an icky cough, and I was also under the weather, but today the skies are blue and we are both feeling perkier!

Katie's butterflies have been coming out of their cocoons, and she is enjoying her new pets.  The first two hatched when we were out, and both times the cats tackled their cage and the poor little butterflies got bent wings.  The third was luckier and hatched after we figured out that their cage needed to be kept safely in the guest room (along with the egg, which Katie refuses to give up on).  His wings were perfect, and Katie released him today.  The one in the picture is one of our invalids.  As you can see, Katie is doing her best by him.  And there is still one caterpillar in the tub-o-food who just keeps eating and stubbornly refuses to become a chrysalis.  He's lucky that we're used to eccentrics.

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