Sunday, May 23, 2010


I claim no credit for this idea -- it all belongs to my parents.
We (my parents and I) were talking on the phone yesterday afternoon, and they were wondering why, given my recent poor health and the rapidly advancing gardening season, Travis was not doing his bit in preparing my new vegetable bed.  I made some piddling excuse about his reluctance to indulge in things non-technological, and they immediately proposed the iDig.
The minute I got off the phone, I raced to our corner tech store and brought home this little marvel...

Travis was a little skeptical about its authenticity, but it did have the desired effect.

Coming soon, look for the iMathbook, the iPileofLaundry, and more!

Katie also had a go with the iDig, and found some new pets.

After church today the kids spent the whole afternoon in the pool.  Ed and I find it impossibly cold still, but the kids don't even seem to notice and are having a marvelous time with it.

Sadly, the iDig had lost its novelty appeal today, so I got to use it to finish digging the vegi bed and got the tomatoes planted.  Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of the plants in.

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

That is GENIUS. My children will be introduced to the iBroom and the iVacuum tomorrow afternoon. :)