Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recalled to Life

Monday evening I was struck down by a nasty sort of bug, and Tuesday and Wednesday were a miserable, achy loss.  Today I was still weak and wobbly (and dismayed by how thoroughly my loving but very messy family trashed the house in two and a half unsupervised days) but this evening, aside from a sore throat, I'm feeling close to better.  Tomorrow I think I'll be able to crack the whip a little and encourage the kids to spend their time a bit more constructively than they did for Ed most of the week.

Here is a picture Ed took this week of Travis, who found a good spot to read in peace...

And Travis took these of Emma, who looks like she might be an alarmingly aggressive badminton player.

But it is just a pose... really she is a sweet, demure little girl.

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