Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Only the Strong Survive Here

Here being my flower garden, that is.  Except for Katie, who is a tiger, we are a gentle and sensitive lot, but the flowers that are blooming in my garden are the toughest of the tough -- the roses (and perennials) that can survive neglect, insects, and disease.  If they would only learn to weed their own beds (and maybe toddle down the road for some mulch), they'd be completely perfect.

(This is a Knockout rose -- isn't it nice?  The Japanese Beetles love it, but otherwise it is wonderful.)

I still do plan to weed, fertilize, and mulch, but I'm not sure quite when, especially since I'm still hoping to put put a few vegis in the itty bitty back garden.  Available time and money keep not showing up at the same time, wouldn't you know?
(This is Carefree Sunshine.  It is nice and shrubby, and it really is low maintenance.)

(And this is New Dawn.  For some reason it is being devoured by thrips or white flies this year.  And aphids.)

(This is Flutterbye.  The flowers change color, from yellow to peachy, which is neat enough to make up for the sloppy way the bush insists on growing.)

And this is an azalea.  Everyone else around here has enormous, fabulous azaleas, and ours are just little.  I think they'd do better if Ed would stop backing the van over them.

The kids have spring fever, so the less said about school the better.  We are doing the essentials, and that is quite agonizing enough given the current state of their brains, thank you.

Our new priest was at church on Sunday, and I think he is going to be very satisfactory!  His homily was on Christian love and forgiveness, which was very apropos, given last week's unpleasantness.  He conducted the Eucharist in a very minimalistic sort of way, but I'm sure I'll get used to his style, though I was a little disappointed that he didn't chant the liturgy.  I knew it was a long shot, but I had hoped.  There was an excellent turnout -- eighty five people, according to the Warden.  I hope they all come back next week to meet his wife and children, who will be visiting from Tallahassee for the big reception.  Oh, and he (the new priest) came to Bible study and made some very interesting comments.  I think I am going to like him, and the kids and Ed are also optimistic.

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