Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!

Where have the years gone?  Seems like hardly any time since he was just a little guy,

so soft and little, just the right size to pick up and squeeze.
Look at those delicious little thighs!

Gosh, how he used to wear me out!

And today he is twelve.
I can't pick him up any more, but he still fits on my lap.  Barely.  But he is just as sweet and darling and loveable as ever. 

He let Ed and me have our breakfasts before present time, but he was pretty eager.
He's wanted this one for a long time!

Books!  Always the right gift!
We finished Larklight, by Philip Reeve, and the kids couldn't wait to hear Starcross.  Only we were between books and Starcross was wrapped on the mantle, so we started The Lord of the Rings.  Maybe the kids will just read this one to themselves.
This one looks like such fun!

And then, finally, the last package.  He was pretty sure of what was in this one (because he paid for most of it himself, with money that he's been saving and saving, and we just gave him that last necessary chunk of money), and the anticipation was intense.
A gratuitous Emma picture.  Sorry Daddy!

Katie was so excited for her brother!

A boy and his iPod touch.  I can't say that I think much of his taste in music, but he's put on a couple pretty cute games.  Doodle Jump is my favorite.

And the cake, which might require some explanation.  That is a Pikachu on it, which is some kind of a Pokemon.  Travis didn't think I'd be up to drawing one, so he decorated the cake himself.  And then we found that we were all out of candles.  Except for a several times used "7" and a slightly used "5."  Which, conveniently, add up to "12."  Fortunately, Travis is used to my lack of household organization and slapdash methods and was happy to blow out whatever sort of candles we wanted to use and get on with things.  He is such a good, easy going kid.

Happy Birthday, Sweet boy.  We love you!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Travis! I love that cake. That's the stuff memories are made of right there. What a fun day and neat kid!