Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Travis finally figured out how to get Macbeth off my video camera.  Unfortunately, it is now on Katie's laptop, which doesn't have a dvd burner.  So he put it on youtube.  The video quality isn't great, and with a running time of around 17 minutes I think the audience is limited to the actors & actresses and the parents of the aforementioned.  Finally, in our defense, this was our "quickie" play, where the kids learned their lines and then only rehearsed a few times before the performance.  And none of us read the script through all the way until just before the play, when it was too late to fix all the goofy stuff in it.  But anyway, the kids had a good time and got in some acting practice, and this school year's play is going to be amazingly good.  Travis wants to do Romeo and Juliet.

Because of the length, YouTube required Travis to split the movie into two parts, so here is part 1:

And Part II:

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