Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sunshine and Lollipops

Thursday afternoon Bo's back legs gave out on him.  He couldn't stand up.  He'd been limping on a front leg all day, but that hadn't worried me much, as he is an old dog and inclined to stiffness.  Both hind legs failing at once, though, was upsetting to both of us.  Ed managed to get him up and outside, and I worked myself into a dramatic fit of worry at the kitchen sink.  It was too late to get to the vet's, and a trip to the vet would be most inconvenient following a month in which the air conditioner died, the car required new (to us) tires, the lawmower and the dryer went haywire, Harry's digestive woes suggested that he needs medical attention (and probably expensive cat food), and I'd been having some odd new aches myself.  Bo's timing just wasn't good, and I gave myself over to anxiety and woe.  Meanwhile, Ed and Katie walked the dog around the backyard and got him moving pretty comfortably again.  Not exactly spry, but mobile, and that counts for a lot.  And, having set the dog to rights, my sweet Ed came in and saw that his wife needed fixing up too.  He is such an easygoing, optimistic sort of fellow, and he never understands why I work myself into a tizzy over things, but he has learned how to set me straight.  He sent me across the street to walk, and whenI got home there was a glass of wine waiting.  Things looked much better.  And Friday morning the dog walked up the stairs, as usual, and the weather was gloriously cool and blue, and everything was perfect.  What more could one ask?

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