Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yesterday was kind of rough, school-wise.  Math issues.  Again.  I got so frustrated with my darling boy's dreamy, laid-back approach to his work that I dug this out...
I thought it would add emphasis to my sweet (alright, not so sweet) requests to Take His Feet Off the Table, Sit Up Straight, and FOCUS.  He just found it hilarious.

Today we went up to spend the morning and early afternoon volunteering at the Food Closet.  Ed got too tired, but the kids and I had a good time.  But then we got home and Travis still had lessons left from yesterday, in addition to today's math (they only had math scheduled for today, because I am incredibly nice like that).  At six, we were still fixing math mistakes.  I couldn't take any more, so we called it a day and went outside to play.  I love summer!  Dinner was at 8:00 tonight (so fashionable!), and we had two hours of pool and bubble blowing fun!
Bubble Hat!

While I was sitting on the deck, I heard a tremendous crack from the front yard.  I went over to the fence and looked, and the powerlines in front of the parsonage next door and the ones going to our house were swinging wildly.  Further inspection revealed...
There wasn't even a breeze.  Kind of makes me anxious about the maples a little closer to our house, which look to be about the same age.  Fortunately, it didn't take out our power lines.

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