Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Ec

Katie made her first quiche on Tuesday.  She made the crust, rolled it out (I lifted it into the pan), crimped the edges, mixed the filling, and poured it in.  She also decided how long to cook it.  We were running out the door to our Zumba class when it came out, so I don't have a picture, but it was a gorgeous Swiss cheese/mushroom quiche.  Ed and Travis ate more than half of it while we were gone, and I had a piece when we got home (Katie doesn't actually eat quiche -- she had cheese and crackers) and it was delicious!

And I used a birthday gift to do some "decorating" in our school room!

Bookshelves!  With display thingies!  Aren't they great!  They are in the spot where the entry table used to go (which just accumulated junk and library books) and where the shoe shelf was.  The new shoe shelf doesn't hold quite as many pairs, but we figured we should be able to dicipline ourselves to manage with just one or two pairs of shoes each beside the door.

I am planning to put the kids' art projects up on the top shelf, but for now the cats are enjoying the extra lounging area.

I hope to get a little rug for the corner, and maybe a beanbag chair, but even without those we are enjoying our much improved space!

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