Monday, October 18, 2010

She Did It!

Katie read the Second Reading in church this Sunday -- her first time -- and she did beautifully!  When the gentleman in charge of acolytes asked Travis a few weeks ago if he would like to read (he would), Katie wanted to know why he didn't ask her too.  So I asked him.  He thought she was a little young, but was willing to let her have a chance if I was Quite Sure she could do it.  She read 2nd Timothy 3:14 - 4:5, and I think almost everyone in the congregation congratulated her afterwards on her excellent reading.  She was So Pleased, and, of course, so were we!

In other church news, I had loaned N.T. Wright's After You Believe to our priest, and this Sunday he returned it to me, with N.T. Wright's autograph!  He had gotten a chance to attend one of Wright's lectures, I think at Duke, and very thoughtfully asked him if he would sign a book for one of his parishioners.  And he did, sort of!  My book is now inscribed by "Tom" Wright, to Father Lin.  I like that.

And, finally, Travis rang the Sanctus Bells.  It was only his second time, and he wasn't expecting to do it (so he didn't get to be nervous in advance!), and he did very well.  Quite a few people commented on the vigor of his ringing.  His timing was perfect, though, and his hands didn't shake so the bells rang when they shouldn't have (which is what would happen if I tried to serve in that way!).

Co-op today went well.  Much better than I expected.  I had the history discussion as well as writing, and except for not getting through all the questions or the map, the discussion part went okay.  I did not have a good handle on the progression of the French and English kings in the Hundred Years War, but I think we hit all the major themes.  And writing was fine.  I had a small class today, but the three reports I got were much better than what the kids were doing when we started.

Bo is Loving this cool weather!  Katie was running around, playing on the playground next door, and he was following her, frisking like a puppy.  I hope he doesn't pay for his bouncing with sore hips tomorrow.

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