Saturday, October 09, 2010

Still Haven't Vacuumed, Though

Travis made the castle on the left last Monday, at co-op, and was supposed to paint the castle at home (and fix it to a pizza box and paint on a moat, but we haven't gotten that far).  So today we were messing with it, and Katie started to decorate the interior.  She built a lovely table, but Travis decided that her vision for the castle's decor didn't match his.  And, of course, it was his castle.  There were tears and unkind words.  Pretty soon I was helping Katie built her own castle, just like Travis's, only better!  Hers needs another coat of paint (and ivy draping the walls and more detailed stonework!), but she is very pleased, and tomorrow she can decorate the interior to her heart's content.  But I never did get to the vacuuming.

One of the really nice things about our co-op is that the kids get to do crafts, which we would otherwise never get to.  While, thankfully, they aren't into very fussy, time-consuming projects, they have enjoyed most of the projects they've done.  And I have pictures that I'll be able to point to when they are all grown up and say, "See what a loving, devoted mother I was!"

Oh, and here is Katie looking at what the kids say is my best birthday book, The Backyard Birdsong Guide.  It is really amazingly clever.  It has all the common birds for our part of the country, with beautiful drawings, and each is numbered.  You enter the number for any bird in the attached audio player and it plays two or more types of calls for that bird.  Very neat!  My only problem is getting the kids to share it with me!


Veronica Boulden said...

Tell me more about your co-op, please. These projects look fantastic. What book are you using? Looks like The Story of the World Volume 2... Isn't that medieval times? Do tell. I am considering starting a history co-op just for projects like this. How does your group manage, plan, organize, pay for it?

Melora said...

Our co-op is using Tapestry of Grace, Yr 2, and I think the castle project is from Knights and Castles: 50 Hands on Activities to Experience the Middle Ages, by Avery Hart & Paul Mantell. Tapestry recommends a couple different craft books, and some of the projects may have come from other sources. Our group is small -- just six families -- so expense of projects hasn't been an issue so far (this is our first year of including crafts!).
If you click on My Profile, it will give a link (on the left) to my e-mail, and I'd be happy to answer more extensively that way, if you'd like!