Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Big Day

Last February a gentleman at our church who rebuilds computers and gives them to computer-less students asked Travis if he would like a computer (I explained that our family was not computerless -- that wasn't an issue).  Would he Ever!  Weeks of eager anticipation and plannning followed.  And kept following.  Summer came.   And went.  A new school year started... still no computer, though every Sunday morning Travis had high hopes.  So, a couple weeks ago, Ed made a gentle inquiry.  Oops!  Travis's benefactor (a very nice man involved in lots of good deeds) had forgotten about the computer!  It would only take another week or so, though.  But then this Sunday he and his wife were out of town, celebrating their fortieth anniversary.  We sighed and wished them happy.  But then last night we got a phone call... the computer was ready!  We probably wouldn't want to drive all the way up the mountain, but Travis could have it on Sunday.  Ha!  So this morning Ed drove up and was given a beautiful computer (plus an extra screen) for our technology-mad boy.  During our conversation last night I happened to mention Travis's enthusiasm for making movies, so our kind friend was in his shop early this morning adding memory and a movie making program to make the ThinkPad the Ultimate Travis Machine.  Such joy.  Of course, now he has Zero brain space for his school work, but it is absolutely Wonderful to see him so Happy.
I am grateful.
(here he is, looking his gift horse in the mouth and being amazed and delighted by his CPU)

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