Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry, 7A

We went to see Harry Potter 7(A) this morning.  12.05 am.  And it was Good!  There were a couple parts that disappointed me, and of course lots of things I would have liked to see were left out, but mostly it was very well done (though they did add a little more gore than I thought was strictly necessary).  Katie knows the book well enough that she knew when to hide her face in my shoulder (and Travis knew when he should have hidden his face.  It was definitely exciting enough to keep us wide awake, even many, many hours past our bedtimes.
We were surprised when the theatre was Completely packed.  We only got four seats together because someone was nice enough to shift down a seat.  Hardly any children, of course.  Aside from the tall, fat  headed, spiky haired person sitting in front of me, though, it was a good crowd (and the person in front of me was well behaved and probably shouldn't be blamed for having a fat head, but I got a crick in my neck trying to see around him/her).

The kids and I slept in this morning.  We will make up what we don't get to on Saturday, but we did get in a fair lot of school last night after dinner!  And we played "Ectomy."  It is from Ellen McHenry's Brain study.  You take turns picking cards with questions about the brain and try to fill all eight parts on your brain outline.  I kept getting "ectomy" cards, which meant that I had to take out my hard earned brain pieces and put them back in the center pot, but it was fun.

 Travis won.

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